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By the late 1990s, Jim Wright had established a remarkable reputation in Washington, D.C. commercial real estate as a skilled negotiator who always dealt respectfully and honestly with owners, builders and clients. He became known for his uncanny ability to build solid relationships with all types of people.

Jim discovered he could leverage his expertise and contacts to provide a unique service — develop buildings to suit clients’ specific needs and arrange the financing so clients could build equity at the same time.

There was another motive for launching his own development firm: Jim wanted to give money away to organizations and causes he believes in.

James Michael Companies (JMC), a real estate development firm, was formed in 2000. The company held property after the real estate market crash that year. In 2004, JMC began developing its assets and serving build-to-suit clients.

JMC conducts every transaction by the guiding principles on which it was founded:

  • honesty
  • relationships
  • service to the community

Featured property:

Loudoun Parkway Commons


Loudoun Parkway Commons sold out in six months 

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