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The Boeing Company

Market Knowledge Leads to Breakthrough Opportunity

In 1997, Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company, needed a large corporate facility in Rosslyn, Virginia. Jim Wright knew that market intelligence, even more than market information, was the key finding the ideal location. He called on his professional contacts that were intimately familiar with the Rosslyn submarket to help find just the right structure.

They did. The building satisfied Boeing’s tough requirements, but was not yet officially on the market – a plus for timing and negotiations. Yet there were substantial challenges:

  • Renovation: the façade was to be replaced and the building's interior completely gutted.
  • Addition: Boeing needed to construct a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art presentation facility attached to the building
  • Expansion: executive offices and conference rooms were to be added on to the existing 10th floor penthouse
  • Government contract constraints: under the terms of its government contracts, Boeing needed the right to terminate its lease after the sixth year

The fact that Boeing might relocate after six years made it much more difficult for the owner to obtain financing.

Building on financial expertise
Wright's financial expertise and market experience opened the door to a solution that worked for both Boeing and the potential owner/investor. “I identified for Boeing the potential relationship problems they would encounter with owners,” he says. “I worked with the execs to help them address each of these problems directly and satisfactorily.”

Then, Wright was able to find an owner wealthy enough to get mortgage financing – despite the stringent terms of the Boeing transaction. “It took some intense negotiations,” says Wright. “But I eventually convinced the potential owner to take the risk on Boeing. I persuaded him that according to the facts, lease termination was not only a remote possibility, but it could be viewed as a potential windfall in an improved market.”

“Most brokers don't have a financial background,” Wright says. “But I know the financials an am able to ask the right questions. My market intelligence and experience with numbers was a big benefit to Boeing — and I was able to make the deal happen for the company.”

The Boeing Company
Rosslyn, VA

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