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Satisfied Clients

“Jim Wright is the embodiment of integrity, ethics, and all-around fair dealings in the commercial real estate business. His word is his bond. It is a pleasure working with him.”

Bill Soltesz, Partner, Commonwealth Commercial Real Estate

“I cannot ever remember working with a group of people so professional, committed to their work, serious about carrying out their responsibilities — and yet so likable. It has to do with the man who runs the operation — Jim Wright. He leads by being an example of The Golden Rule. Jim lives by the principles and teachings he has learned. He doesn’t conveniently place them in a box to take them and parade them before the public for show. Instead, he cherishes those principles as something of value, holds them close to his heart and displays them in how he lives his life and conducts his business.”

Fred Ackbari, President, Palisade Realty, Ltd.

“Anytime we ran into a problem, Jim Wright would find a way to solve it. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with him.”

Seema Mokhtari, Broker, Century 21

“With a build-to-suit project, you get a one-time shot. You need all the experience and expertise you can get. Jim does whatever it takes to get the deal and the building done.”

Diane Reboulet, RE Operations Director, BDM International, Inc.

“Jim’s ability to communicate was very, very good. He was always upfront about where we were, and always closed the communication loop. Without his constant attention to communication, the deal might not have happened.”

Peter Van Haften, RE Operations Manager, TRW Space and Electronics Group

“Jim combines his expert knowledge of the real estate industry, his enthusiasm and energy, and his understanding of our corporate personality, producing an indispensable resource for a rapidly growing company. We consider him to be one of the essential contributors to our company.”

David Karlgaard, PEC Solutions, Inc.

Featured property:

Loudoun Parkway Commons


Loudoun Parkway Commons sold out in six months 

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